Advocacy Case Management System

"We have found the system to be very easy to use and whether we are adding new clients, entering case time or events, or adding non-client time, the use of familiar user screens make it an easy system to get going with.

The ‘My Work Space’ area is an excellent feature, allowing each user to see a snapshot of their cases, appointments, reminders and any supervision action points that may have been set.

We have some quite complex reporting requirements for our projects which Cygnet deals with effortlessly, combining all the different elements into one final Excel spreadsheet and accompanying pdf document."

"We have been using Cygnet since 2012 and it has proved to be a very stable and easy to use system which has been well received by our team.

The ability to be able to restrict user access to specific projects or cases means that we can run statutory and generic projects in the same system without compromising confidentiality.

We have recently been awarded new advocacy projects and the system’s project set-up and user management facilities allowed us to add these new funding streams and start work straight away. Being able to amend work activity types, issues, referral sources and other areas gives the system flexibility to be used for any type of advocacy work."


"Building Block Computer Services are very knowledgeable in their field as data entry and time recording is presented in user friendly screens that support all the different types of advocacy that we supply. Added to this, they also have a good understanding of the advocacy processes which allowed for effective training.

We manage many different projects for our funders and we have found that the ability to produce a single report for each funder that combines open and closed case results, client and non-client time, advocacy issues, diversity statistics and a host of other information is a considerable time saver for the organisation."


"From the outset our users found that Cygnet very easy to use, even by those with limited computer skills.

The system management area makes it easy to customise all the menus so that Cygnet uses our terminology and it also gives a great deal of flexibility when setting user permissions to projects and client records.

The reporting area is excellent, with fully completed spreadsheets being produced in seconds that total every piece of project information in one sheet.

I would be happy to recommend the system to other organisations."